Scaling B2B Transactions with Pontus Noren

by | May 5, 2022

This episode of The Rebekah Panepinto Project features a conversation with Pontus Noren, CEO, and Founder of savvi. Cloud-based services have become more sophisticated and Pontus found the space where his expertise benefits the most: B2B transactions. He recalls the chaotic pre-cloud days and how his focus today is on giving buyers and sellers a platform where they can collaborate. Pontus also shares his way of learning by observing and his guiding principle of always asking questions to help him become his own mentor. HIGHLIGHTS Pioneering cloud-based services during its infancy Solving B2B transactions with savvi 10 Minutes to Talk Transactions: Helping buyers and sellers Be your own mentor: Learn by reading and getting your hands dirty QUOTES Pontus: “This is not an IT problem. Moving your emails and calendar entries and whatever from Exchange to Google, we’ll take care of that. What we need to do here is work with the users and get the users up and running.” Pontus: “Savvi is a platform where you exchange information, you view information, you track stuff, it’s a secure environment where the buying team and the supplying team can interact and share. Now, the current version is for the supplying team, the sellers, to upload content then share it and convince the buyer.” Pontus: “You are your own best mentor because by not attaching yourself to one person, which I’m sure those people that have mentors don’t do necessarily, but you put too much weight on that one relationship, I find. So in my case, for me, I find myself being my own mentor there. The most efficient way of developing myself basically.” Pontus: “You hear people say, oh, that’s industry standard. We’ve always done it this way. Why are you questioning us? Just because you always did it that way doesn’t mean it’s right. It might not even have been right at the time. It just became the way you do things.” Find out more about Pontus in the links below: LinkedIn: Podcast:

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