Digital Drive with Chris Misterek, UX Designer and Founder of Self-Made Web Designer

by | Feb 11, 2021

In this episode, I am excited to share my friend’s technology journey! Chris Misterek is a self-taught UX/web designer who works for a tech startup in Arizona. BUT, he did not start there.

For 13 years Chris was basically a full-time musician. While he loved his full-time job it became clear that he would need to make more money to support his three daughters as a single dad. That’s when he turned to web design. He started learning everything he could ~5 years ago and then began freelancing in his free time shortly after. That led him to where he is today.

Now, instead of freelancing in his spare time, he teaches other people how to take the same path he did at and with his podcast under the same name. Chris loves helping people finding breakthroughs in their lives through the gig economy and has devoted himself to helping others find the life change he has through web design.

Rebekah Panepinto.