Brain Trust Drives Organization Progress with Tal Mozes : The Rebekah Panepinto Project

by | Jan 27, 2022

On this episode, Tal Mozes joins to share his career growth throughout co-founding multiple startups with his rock solid partners. Throughout his journey one of his companies was acquired by EY! You will love hearing about all of the the lessons he learned during the experience. Tal shares that, having two solid business partners taught him the importance of sounding off ideas and communicating, but also trusting the decisions of his co-founders even when he does not agree with them. In his experience, this has helped drive progress forward and prevent them from getting stuck. HIGHLIGHTS Tal’s routine: Waking up early and making time for family first Being acquired by EY and growing in management experiences Three co-founders: Committing to a brain trust and the majority rule Security vulnerabilities due to lack of resources and people QUOTE Tal: “We always try to put ourselves in the other one’s shoes and to understand where they’re coming from. And also, we decided right from the beginning that, because we’re a triangle, even if we don’t agree, we have to commit to the majority.” Find out more about Tal: LinkedIn – Website –

Rebekah Panepinto.