Bridge the Gap Between Data Security and Business Enablement with Nir Chervoni

by | May 12, 2022

This episode of The Rebekah Panepinto Project features a conversation with Nir Chervoni, Head of Data Security at The demands for a seamless user experience have teetered on the edge of data security, and one of Nir’s main responsibilities is keeping all the parties involved safe in the digital space. Nir shares how data security is shifting as more people work from home permanently. He also discusses the massive amounts of data that must be secured to coordinate third parties in the travel industry, a huge part of delivering excellent user experience and increasing brand reputation. HIGHLIGHTS Balancing data security and user experiences Third-party security, brand reputation, and adapting cybersecurity to WFH Security startups: Success is a mix of leadership and timing Music as a passion and wine as a hobby QUOTES Nir: “Reputation is something subjective because it’s how people perceive that brand, that entity, or that incident that happened to that entity regardless of the facts sometimes.” Nir: “I think there is some sort of, not a decrease, but better understanding of specific entrepreneurs about hey, if we have a great idea and maybe we can combine it with an existing idea, or maybe we can just wait a bit of a time and only then go with a go-to-market strategy.” Find out more about Nir in the link below: LinkedIn:

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