Digital Drive Interview with Sarah Richardson, Vice President of IT Change Leadership at Optum

by | Feb 26, 2021

In this episode, Sarah and I discuss one of Sarah’s favorite questions, “What’s your superpower?” Sarah knows that everyone… every member of her team, every client, every human being, has one. Unfortunately, people tend to forget this power as they instead take on the rules of the roles that they play in a corporate environment. When you remember your superpower, you will bring a new perspective to your career, as you make decisions based on your strengths and purpose.

Sarah Richardson’s superpower is creating empowered leaders who then create powerful, driven teams that have lasting impact. They do not just check off the boxes, they make change that leads to improved engagement, increased profitability, and process efficiency.

Sarah has over 25 years of experience working in technology, healthcare, hospitality, training, and organizational development. Her coaching work focuses on building long-lasting, loyal relationships across the continuum, resulting in collaborative strategies to meet diverse organizational needs, engagement, productivity gains, and the advancement of corporate goals. Her ability to coordinate teams of technology experts and strategic business partners has enabled her to deliver programs, services, and tailored solutions successfully. As an ICF Associate Certified Coach with an MBA, Sarah provides executive and leadership coaching, with training programs for leaders looking to achieve success and advance in their role. Check her out at:

Hopefully, we can inspire women (and men) to find their superpowers, learn to dive, and be kind through this conversation!

Rebekah Panepinto.