Digital Drive Interview with Saurabh Sinha, Founder and CEO of emids

by | Mar 16, 2021

Saurabh is one of the most interesting people I have ever worked for! He founded emids nearly 22 years ago and is making a great impact on the healthcare industry through the company’s impressive digital work across Provider, Payer, and Life Sciences.

Saurabh and I discuss the changes digital transformation is driving specifically within health technology and how critical big data will be to advancing the continuum of care.

Digital in healthcare does not need to be aspirational. While innovations were stood up with breath-taking speed, 2021 will be a year of building on, refining, and improving the groundwork laid in 2020. In the emids 2021 Outlook Report, they share expert insights to help empower organizations to deliver context-aware, technology-enabled healthcare – when and where people need it. I encourage you to review it here:…

emids also hosts a yearly Healthcare Summit. For more information on the response and content from 2020 follow the links below:

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