Education Curation Enables Students to Explore Their Strengths with Diane Janknegt

by | Mar 11, 2022

On this episode of The Rebekah Panepinto Project, Diane Janknegt, Founder at WizeNoze joins the show to share her amazing journey in entrepreneurship that helps students from all over the world receive education through an innovative process of educational aggregation. Unlike traditional curriculums, Diane’s program leverages the wealth of knowledge already existing in the world. They take this knowledge and personalize it for suitable use in every grade level. In Diane’s experience, creating new curriculums is not just time-consuming, but the knowledge delivered is, by that time, already outdated. WizeNoze solves these issues by using a combination of AI and human teachers to determine knowledge suitability for their students, no matter their culture and geographic location. HIGHLIGHTS Growing in a corporate environment, but being inspired to become an entrepreneur WizeNoze is an aggregator of educational information Determining knowledge suitability with AI and human teachers Enabling exploratory education instead of traditional curriculum-based learning QUOTES Diane: “The current way of creating content is very expensive, it’s very time-consuming, and the moment you create something, it’s already outdated. So why do you have to pay these amounts to create new content when it’s already out there? Why not reuse the information that is there and offer it, obviously, for a much lower price?” Diane: “If you give students a much broader library of knowledge that is suitable for their own learning skills, you enable them to search for their own interests much more, and then you are not only developing their knowledge, but you’re also helping them develop their personality, their social skills, and to have a clear view of what they really, really like.” Diane: “I truly believe the moment you start to look at the things that are not possible, those things will happen. So I tend to obviously pay attention to it and not ignore them, but focus my energy on where growth, on where possibilities are, how to solve problems.” Find out more about Diane and WizeNoze in the links below: LinkedIn:… Website:

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