Leading Innovation Within Healthcare Private Equity with Dan Prestegaard

by | Jun 30, 2022

This episode of The Rebekah Panepinto Project features a conversation with Dan Prestegaard, Chief Information Officer at United Urology Group (UUG). Private equities may seem hasty in their decision-making but Dan shares how it looks from the other side of the fence. Dan gives an insider’s look into their company, from managing security to spearheading innovation in AI and RPA, so that they can serve their whole spectrum of patients and physicians. He talks about the importance of a good team and their constant evolution in being intentional with innovation. HIGHLIGHTS The balance between private equity and healthcare Creating standards: Increase transparency and measure metrics Find talent, VC backing, and partners for innovation Serving both patients and physicians QUOTES Dan: “I think some of the bad rap that private equity has is because they have such broad access to multiple businesses that they can see what bad looks like. They understand pretty quickly when you have whether it’s management that isn’t performing or they have costs that are out of whack.” Dan: “The nice thing about private equity, what it’s trying to do is, it’s trying to find places to grow the business so that you can scale and take economies of scale.” Dan: “I would highly recommend if others do the similar type thing which is get a VC in place that really knows it and can help to bring along the technical staff and the administrative staff in getting policies and procedures, technology, other things in place so you can really grow the program.” Find out more about Dan in the link below: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dan-prest…

Rebekah Panepinto.