Measure What Matters for Sales Success with Val Henderson

by | Feb 25, 2022

On this episode of The Rebekah Panepinto Project, cloud native advocate and Caylent CRO Val Henderson joins the show to discuss how to deliver experiences that customers value and her company’s strategies in retention. Scaling global businesses is by no means easy, but by following through on measurable outcomes, Val ensures a positive experience in achieving customer success. Val observes that younger generations join organizations which give purpose and give a sense that they are instrumental in solving their company’s puzzle. She also shares her own routines which help her perform her best as a Mom and leader in her company. HIGHLIGHTS Do with, not for: Build trust and sell favorable outcomes Measure what matters and a company culture that values retention People join organizations that value them and provide purpose Val’s routines for peak performance and healthy boundaries QUOTES Val: “We’re not selling a product, we’re selling an outcome and we’re selling a deliverable. So I want them to understand that and know that we’re not successful unless they’re happy and successful and it’s a really great experience.” Val: “The thing you hate and you feel uncomfortable with, somebody else loves. They love it. Go find that person.” Val: “When people feel supported and the freedom and the openness to be themselves and to share, you get better output.” Find out more about Val: LinkedIn –… Website –

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