Mental Health: The Right Care at the Right Time with Gyre Renwick

by | Apr 14, 2022

This episode features a conversation with Gyre Renwick, Chief Operating Officer at Modern Health. Modern health is the first global one-stop platform that provides mental health solutions for employees and all their well-being needs. These days, employers and employees are starting to get more engaged in mental health care for the work environment. Gyre explains the role of Modern Health in breaking barriers of access and providing resources to help individuals take more proactive care of their mental health. Gyre discusses the effect of mental health solutions in fostering a productive and overall positive work environment. He also discusses his transition to operations from a sales background and taking on different challenges both inside and outside of work. HIGHLIGHTS The biggest challenges Modern Health is targeting for change Impact of mental health solutions in employee-employer conversations Building a culture for a meaningful work environment Starting a farm, the Ironman Triathlon, and tackling new challenges QUOTES Gyre: “There’s not a single job that I got that was not about a relationship I had with someone, either a personal or professional relationship. I always try to invest a lot in just ‘people first’ and I really value the relationships I have.” Gyre: “Unfortunately, there’s not enough therapists in the world to actually address the mental needs of everyone. So if you allow everyone to get therapy and push everyone to therapy, it’s actually not good for the whole ecosystem. That’s why it creates this backlog of those that need the care but can’t have it.” Gyre: “Now, that is a really personal relationship that becomes incredibly powerful. It’s not going to always be the best match as well. That’s the nice thing is that you can come to Modern Health, get matched with a coach or therapist, and if it is isn’t the right fit we can help rematch you.” Gyre: “You’re almost like an air traffic controller where you’re not the one flying every single plane out there but you’re helping orchestrate all these different pieces of it. I love that view of trying to have a broader impact and having a broader charter.” Find out more about Gyre in the links below: LinkedIn:… Modern Health Website:

Rebekah Panepinto.