Streamline Your Business Using Data Analytics with James Sherer

by | Jun 16, 2022

This episode of The Rebekah Panepinto Project features a conversation with James Sherer, Sales and Business Development Manager at Keller Schroeder. He shares how their analytics data serves customers across different industries with the goal of streamlining and increasing their own customers’ satisfaction. James also talks about using data in his sales process. He uses a CRM to track his professional relationships but still gives particular importance to the value of actually calling people. He goes deeper on the various use cases for data analytics, like cutting response times during power emergencies, to save on company resources while also providing a better experience to end-users. HIGHLIGHTS Analytics data increases response times during emergencies Streamlining business processes across verticals Sales and relationships: Use a CRM to track your networking New use cases: Trash management and weather prediction SalesOlogy and being an employee-owner of Keller Schroeder QUOTES James: “It’s a situation where it’s a series of disconnected steps in the business process and, by using some data to highlight where there are discrepancies in that business process, you can make it more streamline. So almost making it more like a project management process.” James: “I look at the sales process as almost a project process of 5 or 6 steps really to audit what I do as a salesperson and a marketer and, you know, kind of use lead generation, use technology, always kind of looking at my sales pipeline, my sales performance, and managing myself before anybody else has to manage me.” James: “I like to use a couple of different vendor-partners in the CRM space to track not only my personal connectors and my personal network, but also our own internal Keller Schroeder prospects and clients.” Find out more about James in the link below: LinkedIn:…

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