Verify People, Not Passwords with Nametag | Aaron Painter on Digital Drive

by | Dec 21, 2021

Aaron Painter is the impressive CEO of Nametag, the fast, safe, everywhere ID. In this episode of Digital Drive, we talk about his background which includes, having lived and worked in six countries across four continents. As well as publishing his 2017 best-selling book, LOYAL, where he describes his key to leadership: fostering a culture of listening.… Aaron’s mission is to bring authenticity to the internet and enable people to build more trusted relationships. By putting privacy first, Nametag gives the consumer control of sharing personal information, and the power to choose when it’s shared, where it’s shared, and for how long. With his technology, Aaron empowers individuals to share validated details about who they are with other people or companies. He enables businesses to identify their customers in real-time and request the details that are necessary for a faster and more trusted transaction. Aaron Painter also has a TedTalk which I love! You can view that here:…

Rebekah Panepinto.